Short pulse and high intensity lasers

  • high power short pulse solid state, diode pumped and gas laser systems (CPA and OPCPA)
  • rod, slab, disk and planar waveguide lasers
  • ultrafast fiber lasers
  • temporal, spatial diagnostics and control of high intensity short pulses
  • few-cycle intense pulses
  • carrier envelope phase measurement and stabilization
  • dispersion and temporal contrast
  • coherent beam combination
  • high intensity broadband laser components (coatings, crystals, gratings, etc.)

High harmonics and attosecond pulse generation and applications

  • generation of high-order harmonics in the extreme ultraviolet (XUV) and X-ray regime from atomic gases and from relativistic plasmas
  • temporal characterization of femtosecond to attosecond XUV and X-ray pulses
  • applications of femtosecond laser pulses and attosecond XUV/X-ray pulses for real-time observation and control of electronic and nuclear dynamics in all forms of matter

Laser based X-ray generation and applications

Photonuclear physics

  • laser-based generation of intense gamma-ray beams
  • manipulation of gamma-ray beams
  • photonuclear reactions
  • nuclear structure studies with gamma-ray beams
  • photonuclear astrophysics
  • nuclear instrumentation

Laser generated particle beams and applications, including, but not restricted to

  • Laser Acceleration of Ions
  • Laser Plasma Acceleration of Electrons
  • Applications of laser-accelerated particles in: high energy density science, plasma physics, materials science, biology and medicine
  • Secondary Particle Generation from Laser-accelerated beams
  • Computational Tools for Laser-Particle Acceleration
  • Ultrafast diagnostics for laser-accelerated particle beams

Extreme field sciences